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What Is A Real Estate Copywriter?

You’re not the first to ask it, in fact, 300 people a month google this question in the US alone. If you want to understand what copywriting is, what is a real estate copywriter, what are the rates for a real estate copywriter, what they actually do, if you need one, and how to find one… You’re in the right place. Let’s dive in.

What is Copywriting?

Before I go into how this relates to Real Estate, I’ll have to elaborate on what is Copywriting in general.

I won’t go in-depth, and if you want to learn more, you can check my full explanation.

But here’s the short, easy-to-understand version to make your life simpler.

Copywriting is essentially writing in a conversational tone, leading the reader (prospect) through empathy to have a bond with the copywriter (me in this case), making the reader take a specific action.

I use specific words and psychological methods to trigger emotional reactions from the readers (you or prospects) and make them take immediate action. (buying, calling, subscribing, clicking, etc.)

The immediate action I aim for the prospect to take - depends on the circumstances and what you want as a client. It could be an immediate reaction, like buying or subscribing - or to warm them up to your offer or brand.

In a sentence:

Copywriting is the art and science of written persuasion.

Some even call it closing in writing (sales).

While most companies sell the features of their products, very few sell their benefits.

Meaning; how they'll make you (the customer) FEEL.

If you take one thing from this entire page, make sure it’s the next line.

People, you, me, your clients, are selfish in nature. We care about one thing and one thing only.


When you talk about how great your company is, how good your product is… I’m sorry to break it to you - they simply don’t fucking care.

They have a problem, an itch they are facing.

  • Email issues

  • Ranking Issues

  • Revenue issues

  • Time-management issues

  • Brand Presence Issues

  • Brand Voice Issues

They need SOLUTIONS.

That’s why I don’t tell my clients how much of an amazing writer I am.

I tell them how my writing can alleviate their problems.

I tell them how paying me will:

  • Solve their boring-ass email issue (those that nobody reads or cares about)

  • How I can increase their revenues with higher conversion rates using engaging copy

  • How they can better manage their time doing things they NEED while I take care of copy

  • How their brand can stand out and have a unique voice in a field filled with copy-cats.

And here’s the kicker…

That solution comes with a feeling.

  • “Ah, I can have more time” - freedom.

  • “Ah, I can make more money” - freedom, happiness, opportunity, growth, progress.

We, humans, are emotional creatures.

We have our lizard brains still controlling most of our actions, and we are addicted to dopamine.

That’s why we like to shop, eat junk food, and check our smartphones for popping red notifications every fucking 15 minutes.

And we JUSTIFY our EMOTIONAL purchases with logic.

A Prius and a Ferrari can both get you from A to B. Heck, the Prius even has more seats!

But you don’t buy a Ferrari to get from A to B.

You pay for the FEELING you get while driving a Ferrari from A to B.

Want to work with me? Apply with this form.

It can evoke a feeling of status and wealth. It can evoke a feeling of excitement from the speed, or appreciation of the craftsmanship and high-end machinery.

Of course, you also pay for their heritage, branding, marketing, and other factors, but you get what I’m saying.

Another thing unique to copywriting is that it’s a text written to one but published to millions.

The “trick” is to get the reader to feel like you are conversing with him, explaining complex stuff to understand, filled with jargon, and make it simple & fun for him to understand.

Like a friend talking to him. (empathy, remember?)

“We all hate looking at the scale and find out we gained that weight back...”.

See - now we are on the same boat - fighting our battle with weight.

Now selling you a miracle pill to lose weight will be easier, because you know I understand your pain.

But I digress.

So, now you understand better what copywriting is all about.

Now I owe you what I promised, what the hell is a Real Estate copywriter?

What Is A Real Estate Copywriter?

Copywriters are needed and hired across a variety of industries.

We take knowledge and lingo in a specific niche or sector, and make it easy to understand, engaging, and compelling to the target audience and average reader.

Here’s just a small pool of fields where copywriters thrive:

  • Finance (crypto, credit)

  • Tech (gadgets, phones, drones, software)

  • Health & Wellness (food, nutrition)

  • Marketing (social media, email, blogs)

  • e-Commerce (Shopify, Amazon)

  • Real Estate… (residential, commercial, SaaS)

And that is what I am, a copywriter for Real Estate.

Take this example for instance; I was working with E-Valley, the biggest E-logistics Park in Europe.

They had to send outreach emails and LinkedIn messages through their sales team and explain why they are the best choice for other companies to store their goods.

I sat down in Paris, with David Taieb, their CEO, and I roamed the offices for a month - toured the facility, and came up with copy that was perfect to use.

It ended up helping them land clients like Levi's, and Nike.

Want to work with me? Apply with this form.

So, “Real Estate Copywriter” might sound fancy…But it isn’t.

Some people don’t really understand Real Estate, or the term scares them. Also, copywriting is such a vast and vague field.

When you combine the two together (real estate & copywriter) in your title, well… people scratch their head.

That’s why Google gets 300 searches a month on average (in the US alone) asking that exact question.

But now you understand what is copywriting, and what a Real Estate copywriter does.

Now, it’s only natural you’ll ask how much does a real estate copywriter make?

Real Estate Copywriter Rates

Copywriting rates in general are a very grey area.

There’s just a very wide spectrum of copywriters out there, with different amounts of experience, and different specialties.

Usually, the more niche-focused you are, the more value you bring to the marketplace in that industry. The better you are in your area of focus, the more rare services of your caliber exist.

Therefore, you can charge more.

So, wait, how does it work? Do you pay more for more words?

No, that’s not how it works, and that’s what most people fail to grasp.

  • Copywriters are NOT a commodity. Writing well can be done by English teachers, journalists, and novel writers. Copy-writing is much different and requires a different set of skills. Sales skills, psychology, negotiation (facing objections), and more.

  • Revenue. From all types of writers mentioned above, copywriters are the only type that can bring your business money directly with their marketing abilities. The better the results, the more we can charge.

  • Years of experience, not hours of work or words on-page. I don’t charge hourly. I normally don’t charge by word (blog posts are sometimes different). I charge the amount of value I bring to the table. Not all types of value could be quantified numerically. Brand voice, for example, is priceless.​​

According to AWAI (The American Writers & Artists Institute):

A 5 pages website done by a copywriter will cost you around $2500 (USD) on average.

A landing page is more complex and expensive.

They also have a 2020 pricing guide you can download.

As for me, as suggested earlier, I normally charge by word only for blog posts, and the bare minimum I’d charge is $600 for any project. Anything below that will not be worth it timewise, due to research and analysis time I put in and is usually unaccounted for by the client.

A property listing, for example, is a service that mainly depends on the property being sold. If it is cheap, there is less room and willingness from the agent/broker to spend money on marketing (as it comes out of their commission).

If a property sells for $20 million, there's more room to spend on quality copy. I would charge somewhere between $250-$500 for writing the copy for that listing.

The Paris project netted me around $3,800 for 1 month of work, and 5 emails and 10 LinkedIn templates I made them.

My flights & expenses were covered. I also got a 2-floor 6 bedroom apartment near the Arc de Triomphe rent-free. Pretty sweet, I know.

I also didn’t work exclusively on that project and did work for other clients while staying in France. The benefits of the laptop lifestyle I guess.

So, yeah. The better you are, the more niched down you are as a copywriter, the more you'll make.

Every project is different, and I quote my client based on the timeline they require, the scope of the project, and the value I bring to the team/table. Want to know my rates? Check out my rates page.

A project that is needed right away, will obviously cost more, as it pushes other existing and potential clients away.

Alright, we covered what is copywriting, what a real estate copywriter does, and how much a real estate copywriter charges.

It’s time we talk about how real estate copywriters help realtors bring in more business.

How A Real Estate Copywriter Helps Realtors Attract Buyers & Sellers

Well, aside from my dedicated landing page on the matter, if you’re a real estate agent, then you already know how competitive the field is, and you can swear most days you feel like everyone and their aunt are real estate agents.

You also know that attracting buyers and sellers means lots of hard work and - something to make you stand out.

Additionally, you probably struggle and need help writing up your MLS listings/property descriptions & content for your website.

I offer both services - and this makes me more valuable to realtors, brokers, investors, and even SaaS companies in the industry. They can look to one resource for multiple needs.

Furthermore, if you’re a Real Estate agency, you know you’ll need to continually improve your visibility and build your brand. Quality web content or blog posts can give you a good return on investment in terms of attracting buyers and sellers.

The fact is…

Most people begin their search for a realtor online, and you’ll want to make sure you have a real estate website, one that’s as professional and personable as you.

Your website is your best salesperson. And your best salesperson needs to convert well.

It must be well-designed and well-written with compelling content that tells the visitor what makes you different, and better, than all the other real estate agents they know.

And the truth is…

If your copy reads the same as 100 other realtors, you’re not going to stand out.

More importantly, Google isn’t going to offer up your site in its search results. Originality is imperative. You will be penalized for copying content.

That’s where a real estate copywriter comes in.

Want to work with me? Apply with this form.

A Real Estate copywriter will help you describe your capabilities as well as property features in ways that appeal to prospective buyers and urges them to take action.

One of the most common mistakes I see online is the same boring & repetitive “About Us” page.

As a realtor, you’re in a business selling a service, which is also in large part, selling yourself.

That means you need a unique "About Us" page, one that best describes you and why you're the best choice.

Your About Us Page

Check out this “About Us” text as an example:

"We are a dedicated real estate agency founded in 2001 that is committed to fulfilling the needs of our clients and providing the best customer service. We strive to have the most extensive real estate knowledge in the area."

And tell me, honestly, if not every agency founded in 2001 can write this exact same copy.

You have to let down your guard, show some personality, and own your experiences. It doesn't mean you have to be gullible, funny, or extreme. It means you need to be YOU -- not some generic text that applies to another 100 agencies.

Your quality of service is not a differentiator. It is not memorable.

Instead, a Real Estate copywriter will help your "About Us" page be a great place to forge a connection with your visitors. The page will become an opportunity to reveal why they should remember you, and why you care about them.

Tell A Story

This is your opportunity to tell YOUR STORY.

People love stories, and the more details, the better. And there’s an art to that.

Behind every business is a story. Often the telling of that story helps customers feel a connection with you by giving them insight into your business’s history and its founder’s personal commitment. Your WHY can be a strong bonding point with your prospects.

Write About Your Specialty

With so many realtors competing for business, you need to find a way to stand out. If you’re just another residential real estate agent, you’ll have a hard time getting noticed.

Check this page for example and see how I helped Kotel Investments stand out as commercial landlords. Kotel has some big tenants, like Starbucks, AT&T, Subway, and Walgreens.

Niche marketing is a powerful strategy that works especially well in real estate.

And once you choose a niche, you can write about it on your website, blog, and other promotional materials, positioning you as the authority in that category.

I mean, this is exactly what I'm doing on this page. Focusing on my niche. I practice what I preach.

Essentially, your specialty becomes part of your brand. It’s what people associate with you, and it can drive business your way.

Here are some examples of specialties other realtors used to differentiate themselves:

  • Bill specializes in selling second homes, residences that people use for vacations and/or investment.

  • Alex specializes in selling shopping plazas, everything from a small center with just three or four small business retailers on up to large centers with brand-name, big-box stores.

  • Nicole is a Californian real estate agent who sells mid-century modern homes. Her clients love all the knowledge she brings to the table about mid-century modern architecture.

  • Amanda is a Miami realtor who specializes in selling townhouses.

  • Robert specializes in working with first-time homebuyers, often holding their hand throughout the buying process and introducing them to professionals in his network of contacts such as mortgage brokers, interior designers, building contractors, and pool installers.

  • Jane specializes in selling waterfront homes. If a house is not on the ocean, a lake, or a river, she’s not interested.

  • Tom’s niche is new construction homes, often focusing his efforts on pre-construction sales in to-be-developed subdivisions.

You can clearly see how narrowing your real estate marketing to a specific geographical area, type of property, or category of consumer can be a lucrative strategy.

It positions you as an industry leader as well as provides you with promotional opportunities to write content about your niche.

If you have any doubt about whether specializing can help drive business to your real estate practice, consider this hypothetical question:

You have a heart condition. Do you go to a doctor who is a general practitioner or to a cardiologist?


Real Estate Copywriting Services

Creating a website to promote your real estate services is just one type of real estate copywriting. Plenty of other opportunities exist to use good copywriting to promote your real estate business.

For example:

  • Property Listings - Got a great property you’re looking to sell? Maximize the price by attracting more buyers with a professionally written property listing for social media, MLS, and online listing services like Zillow,, and Trulia.

  • Website Pages - Your real estate website should be continually evolving. Add new content on a regular basis to keep it fresh and also prominent on Google.

  • Real Estate Sales Letters - A well-written sales letter sent to your target audience can generate leads.

  • Digital 3D Tours - The world has changed. Not only are online searches increasing, and smartphone searches are skyrocketing, now there are full showings using VR glasses, and 3D tours. The furniture, spaces, and living areas are written by copywriters to increase desirability of properties.

  • Video Showings Script - Describe the features and amenities of the property with great wording using a conversational tone & storytelling - making the viewer feel the property, and how it will feel living there.

  • Data Sheets & Flyers - Provide the relevant data for your property including as many details as possible like room sizes, estimated property taxes, and mileage to nearby schools and shopping centers.

  • Direct Mail - Sending well-written promotions to your target audience can easily generate leads and increase your market visibility.

  • Ads for Online and Offline Marketing - Newspapers, magazines, and online sources like Google and Facebook offer unlimited opportunities for ad placement.

  • Social Media Content - Get the word out by sharing property photos and comments on platforms like Instagram & Facebook. Using these platforms is mainly free -- and is highly effective. You just need compelling copy to convert prospects to buyers.

  • Blog Posts - Build up your fan base by writing interesting blog posts that position you as a subject authority. A copywriter who also understands SEO can help you rank higher on Google with this tactic.

  • Press Releases - Great accomplishments deserve recognition. Press releases give you an opportunity to get in front of prospects in a positive way.

And I myself provide all these services.

It’s worth remembering that as your clients are making extremely high-value decisions, they are going to want to be as informed as possible. Content marketing is your opportunity to demonstrate that you are a master of your field.

By consistently creating great written content, you’re more likely to get found by potential buyers and sellers, all while building your brand and positioning yourself as a leader in your field.

Composing persuasive real estate copy takes skill and experience. If you lack the technical know-how or writing your own real estate copy isn’t the best use of your time, consider working with a real estate copywriter who can get the job done quickly and effectively.

A writer who understands real estate can craft compelling copy that attracts buyers and sellers, allowing you to focus on closing deals and growing your business.

Now all you have to do is contact me to get your real estate content game right!

Want to work with me? Apply with this form.

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