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British Airways - Negative PR (Scandal)

0 BA Logo.png

My Role:

Project Manager, Writer,  Editor, Copywriter, Marketing Consultant

Project goal:

This is an odd one. I usually decline anything that relates to negative PR: badmouthing or mud-throwing. But when an old client came to me with this story, I couldn't believe what I'm hearing and decided to make an exception. British Airways fined a family of 5, with two young children, declaring them a "no show", when their connecting flight led to a Level 5 storm. I led the project in terms of art-led copy, UI/UX positioning, writing, editing, fact-checking, and GTM strategy.

My client, Ivan, approached me with this email:

1 BA email #1.png

I told him I try avoiding this type of projects. He insisted:

2 email #2.png

We agreed on a price, and I began research, and data gathering:

3 email #3.png

And then I got to work:

4 Work 1.png
5 Work 2.png
6 Work 3.png
8 Work 5.png

I then guided my client and the rest of the team through my process via Loom videos

9 Loom Vid 1.png
11 Loom Vid 3.png

Before I joined the team, the UI/UX was confusing, overwhelmingly colorful, had contrast issues, and the text had huge blocks without enough withespace. It was hard to scan, or skim through. Here's how it looked like:

18 Results 5.png
15 Results 2.png

Then I made it reader-centric, easy to read, scan, and to skim through. I de-cluttered, edited, rewrote, and added CTAs so the project actually coverts as it was designed to--make people join the fight agaisnt BA. The results:

27 FInale 2.png
28 FInale 2.png
29 FInale 2.png
31 FInale 2.png
33 FInale 2.png

My client was happy. His feedback for my work on the project:

26 FInale 2.png
25 Finale 1.png

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