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Matterport - Thought Leadership & Gamified Copy in the Customer Journey for a $4B Brand


My Role:

Freelance Writer, Interviewer, Editor, Copy Consultant

Project goal:

Top funnel: brand awareness increases through dot connections between horizontal niches into a vertical, creative PR piece, and bottom funnel, direct-response consulting on gamified copy implementation throughout the customer journey.

I'm very proud of this piece. It's 100% original. Better yet: it predicts the future, not reporting about the past.


AR/VR, real estate, crypto, psychology, and gamification.


I was drawn to talk about the topic because I'm a financial nerd, and a big nerd in general--I play video games. And besides, Matterport always impressed me. I was a fan. And I loved the marketing tactics they employed. Robin Daniels, their CMO, is someone I look up to. I pitched him with an idea for an article. Coming up with questions to a high-profile interview is hard. After all, the quality of your answers depends on the quality of your questions.


Today, at the time of writing this, March 2022, you might say, well, DUH, VR/AR properties are the future. This was pitched a year ago, in March 2021, right when the Pandemic started, companies were leaving office spaces, and the housing market started going haywire. The piece went live in July of 2021, and got a lot of positive attention, mainly because my predictions came true with Netflix confirming my thesis. If you want to read it, just click here

Also, in 2022, Porch did a Q&A with me about some of the stuff I consulted Matteport on. Take a look here

The coolest part? this project earned me a job offer, as you'll soon see below.


Robin and his team really liked the piece as well. Naturally, it strangthened our relationship. We had an amazing talk over Zoom, and I wanted to work with with Matterport full time. I don't chose a job. I choose a product, and a leader. That was it.

Here's the copy I've done for them, and that job offer:

(Website copy) BEFORE:




Robin liked it, and replied:


My response:


Unfortunately, Fate VS Destiny was the right/wrong subject line for this email, as Robin would tell me on Zoom a week later that he's stepping down from his role as CMO of Matterport.

But we're still friends, and he's a mentor to me!

And as I said, I choose leaders, not I kept freelancing. Are you my next client?😊

"Tom is going to be a game-changer..."
"Tom is a real gem. His ability to ask questions that get the best out of you is a skill that most interviewers and writers lack, but that Tom has absolutely mastered. He knows how to connect with you on a deep personal level and get to the person behind the public persona to deliver something that is beyond the normal. To me, that's epic, and why Tom is going to be a game-changer for how content is written. Anybody would be lucky to work with Tom."

- Robin Daniels, Ex Salesforce, Box, WeWork, LinkedIn, CMO at Matterport
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