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Email Copy for The Biggest E-logistics Park In Europe

E-Valley Logo.png

My Role:

Lead Outreach Copywriter

Project goal:

E-valley needed to reach top executives at firms in the hopes of convincing (converting) them into moving their merch and distribution centers to Paris, France (where E-valley is located).


One of the outreach methods was cold emails.


Cold email outreach to senior executives and heads of logistics departments.


Since the e-valley team was French, they needed some help with English, and with overall low opening rates.

Every good email needs to be opened before it’s read.

Even if you write the best email of your life, the body of your email won’t matter if the recipient isn’t interested in opening it.

LinkedIn post email headline.png

Back in January 2020, before the pandemic started, I moved to Paris, as I was hired by e-valley, the biggest E-logistics park in Europe, to help them convert more emails into actual leads. 


David, their CEO, told me: “Listen, Tom, these are 7 figure leaders, heads of logistic departments for 8 figure brands, they don’t check their email, they have a secretary for that”.


“The Right Person?” subject line was my winner, and my post picture above explains why. Another factor that I secretly used and didn’t share on LinkedIn, was the ego factor. Important people always want to be the right person.

Cold FOMO Email:

E-Valley Cold FOMO Urgent email.png

Warm Email (Complex info into digestible skim):

E-Valley Warm Email Breakdown Skim Copy.

This email helped e-valley land clients like Levis and Nike. 

David's Testimonial:

"A 5 min debriefing was enough for him..."
"Tom has helped us through his writing abilities to target the right message to the right prospect. A 5 min debriefing was enough for him to get the major ideas and then re-translate them in the emails. He was able to quickly understand the content of the emails I wanted him to write for us. We were glad to have him around."
-David Taieb, Chief Executive Officer, BT IMMO GROUP.
Picture of David Taieb Testimonial

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