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Grant Cardone - Celebrity Brand With 1 Million Email Subs

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My Role:

Email Copywriter

Project goal:

I'm a HUGE fan of GC. He's not always the nicest, most modest person -- but he talks the truth. His tips about finance, discipline, and real estate mentored me from afar for almost 5 years. 

In 2019-2020, I sent him and his team a few emails. Wanted to work with him. Got declined. Stayed persistent.


Made it happen.


What you're about to see is remarkable behind-the-scenes footage. Enjoy!

You know how hard it is to get cold emails to work. I got a business mogul, Forbes top marketer, and one of the busiest people on the web to open, read, click, and reply!

My cold email to Grant Cardone:

GC 1.png
GC 1-2.png

Soon after, his right hand man, Jarrod, got back to me:

GC 2.png

I asked for information (data) so my copy will be as impactful as possible. They agreed:

GC 3.png

They sent some of their email camapgins; some that did well, and some the flopped:

GC 4.png
GC 5.png
GC 6.png

Learned them well and listened to a 5 hours webinar on top of that. Data is evertyhing for a copywriter.

Here's what I came up with. This will show you how I think, communicate, and conquer:

GC 7.png
GC 8.png
GC 9.png

These impressed GC and his team, and I was offered a full time role with them.

GC 10.png

A Real Estate Focused Copywriter on Your Side

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