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In 2011, the PropTech sector raised around $250 million.

In 2021, investments in private real estate tech topped $13.1 billion.

In 2022, the sector outperformed the global venture capital market.

Competition is fierce.
But not with me on your team.


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Hi, I'm Tom Gil ...

A special forces sniper turned world's best real estate copywriter

(according to my mom & Google's oragnic rankings)

I help real estate agents, brokerages, SaaS brands, and PropTech startups.



1. I increase ranking, branding, and sales through world-class content earlier in the funnel (B2B thought leadership, blog content, white papers, social media).

2. I decrease bounce rates, friction, and objections through world-class customer experience at the bottom of the funnel (email/website/SMS).

Content that cuts through the noise and gets you noticed.

It has voice. It's shared. Trusted.

You know... you'll hear this:

"Hey let's be like X, their copy and content is soooo good--who writes their content?!"

You want that for your team, product, and services.

That's organic. That's brand.


I'm expensive. But price is what you pay...

Value is what you get.

What is value, anwyay?

1. Outcome (increased awareness and sales)

Asking me about metrics from previous projects is like comparing apples to kiwis. One email list can have 1 million subs while the other has 15k. One website gets traffic of 50k people per day, the other 800. Increasing CTR by 1% for the big ones is huge... but a tiny percentage increase for the smaller website/lists looks, numbers-wise, better, and is actually harder to pull off. Don't fall into that trap.

I GUARANTEE money back for projects I manage (including content calendar) if targets weren't met, and for projects I don't manage, I don't guarantee anything...because there are too many variables outside of my control. If that's a deal breaker for you, maybe we're not a good fit.

2. Low Risk (high chances of success)

​You want someone who has "been there, done that". 

  • I've been published/written on/for 14 of the biggest publications in industry/world within 18 months.

  • From cold email to 9-figure clients, to changing their entire landing page making over $100 million in 2020.

  • Writing for humans while satisfying the SEO gods: I'm the #1st result on Google for "real estate copywriter".

  • Written content for & consulted Matterport on customer experience copy before they went public for $3.5B in 2021.

  • As in-house outreach lead for E-Valley (Brookfield), I increased email open rates for the biggest e-logistics park in Europe by 82%.

  • Writing (and ghostwriting) video scripts, PR, thought leadership, and blog content for the sexiest PropTech startups like Snappt & Hometap.

  • From cold email to Grant Cardon, to writing test emails so impactful for his 1.2 million subs list--that within 2 weeks--I was offered a FT contract.

3. Speed (get there fast)

It takes 13 hours to build a Toyota and 6 months to assemble a Rolls Royce.


Quality campaigns, especially SEO, take time. But, you want to see some results early, right? Something tangible...

  • Copy/email projects, I promise a decrease in bounce rate and increase in CTR within 90, after iteration and A/B testing.

  • Content projects/social media are tricky, due to algorithms. But I guarantee edits to satisfaction + rankings increase within 180 days.

Process & Onboarding?  I give Usain Bolt a run for his money.

  • Quotes within 48 hours.

  • Contract/NDAs within 7 days.

  • Deadline for most projects is less than 21 days.

  • Email responses within 24 hours, and for select clients even mobile phone access.

4. Sacrifice (avoid time/energy loss)

Never missed a deadline in my life...CHECK ✅

Never missed an email in my life......CHECK ✅

Say what I mean, and do as I say.......CHECK ✅

Funny memes, ALWAYS....................CHECK✅

The proof is in the pudding (or testimonials)

"Tom's writing makes me think..."
"Tom’s writing makes me think, and in todays attention economy — that’s exactly what I look for when selecting writers worth reading."
- Devin Reed, prev Head of Content, Gong.
"Making your copy stand out from the crowd..."
"Tom is persistent, thoughtful, confident, quick-witted, and extremely personable. He has all the right qualities you want in a creator who specializes in making your copy stand out from the crowd. The way he considered the prospect's psychological triggers throughout our funnel was a breath of fresh air. Above all, Tom makes every interaction I have with him meaningful and memorable."

- Joey Campbell, prev Head of Content at Sundae, current Director of Content at Nike
joey campbell.jpeg
"The piece earned Tom praise..."
"Tom is an Adweek contributor with a pulse on culture and insight into the industry, and I had the pleasure of working with him on his incredibly insightful opinion piece breaking down strategies implemented by global brands that thrived during the pandemic.

The piece earned Tom praise from a member of the global brand’s leadership team, further validating his expertise in the space. His ability to identify and break down global brand strategies made for a well-written, concise, thought-provoking piece for our readers to enjoy."

- Luz Corona, Community Editor, Adweek
luz corona.jpg
"Tom is going to be a game-changer..."
"Tom is a real gem. His ability to ask questions that get the best out of you is a skill that most interviewers and writers lack, but that Tom has absolutely mastered. He knows how to connect with you on a deep personal level and get to the person behind the public persona to deliver something that is beyond the normal. To me, that's epic, and why Tom is going to be a game-changer for how content is written. Anybody would be lucky to work with Tom."
Robin Daniels picture.jfif
- Robin Daniels, prev Head of Global Product at Salesforce, LinkedIn, Ex CMO at WeWork,  Matterport
"The reader is his top priority..."
"Tom writes about our solution with passion, as he learned firsthand how it feels letting a tenant lie their way into your property. His knowledge of real estate, PropTech, and VC shines through his writing, and while he writes with search intent in mind, the reader is his top priority. We love his work, and easily recommend him."

- Daniel Berlind, Former Chicago Cubs Player, CEO at Snappt
daniel berlind.jpg
"Demonstrated a strong understanding of our subject matter..."
“Tom submitted publish-ready content ahead of schedule, communicated promptly, and demonstrated a strong understanding of our subject matter and audience. We'd be happy to work with him again.”

-Tracey Velt, Managing Editor, Real Trends
Picture of Tracey Velt Managing Editor Real Trends
"A 5 min debriefing was enough for him..."
"Tom has helped us through his writing abilities to target the right message to the right prospect. A 5 min debriefing was enough for him to get the major ideas and then re-translate them in the emails. He was able to quickly understand the content of the emails I wanted him to write for us. We were glad to have him around."
- David Taieb, Chief Executive Officer, BT IMMO GROUP
Picture of David Taieb
A copywriter AND content writer?!
Two hats...
Many Talents
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