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Tarek El Moussa - Celebrity PR and Copy Consultation

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My Role:

Freelance Writer, Interviewer, Editor, Copy Consultant

Project goal:

This one is a bit different. Check out how I leveraged scenarios into a win-win-win, how my writing abilities, copy knowledge, and networking capabilities landed me a writer contract with SUCCESS Magazine, a phone call with Tarek El Moussa, a spot on his team, and an introduction to the eXp Realty Group's Marketing Team--behind-the-scene style. Enjoy!

I always wanted to write for SUCCESS Magazine, and I emailed their Editor in Chief, Josh Ellis. He asked me what I can write about, and obviosuly, among other things, I said "real estate". Soon after, Josh got back to me with a cool project.

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It turned out to be even cooler!

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Interviewing Tarek El Moussa and writing about frugal real estate flipping. Easy yes. The interview was fantastic, and the article turned out superb. 

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Josh, SUCCESS Mag's EiC, was impressed with my writing and how I handled talking (and becoming friends) with a celebrity. He was kind enough to introduce me to eXp Realty, which a few months earlier purhcased SUCCESS Magazine.

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eXp Realty's Marketing Director, Heather, and  their EiC Diane were kind enough to thank me for my service and compliment my website. It's always nice to meet great people along the road. And to hear positive feedback.

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Ok, so back to Tarek and earning a spot on his team!

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And my copy analysis and consult to Tarek and his team:

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I didn't hear back for a while. Doubt crept in. But Tarek was just busy--and they were restructring his businesses, but I finally heard back, and it was good news.

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Tarek wanted to know what's going on. I shared it with him. My new copy for the TBH website:

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Tarek must've loved it. Some friendly gossip about women (I was going through issues with my girlfriend at the time, and Tarek had a very public, infamous divorce). Then, he set up a call with his new CEO, Jeff, who was CMO for T-Mobile. Soon after, I got and a contract offer.

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A Real Estate Focused Copywriter on Your Side

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