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Kotel Investments Inc.

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My Role:

Lead Copy & Brand Voice

Project goal:

Kotel Ivnestment Inc. is a leading commercial real estate landlord and investor in the Los Angels and San Antonio markets. They have tenants such as Subway, Walgreens, Starbucks, and AT&T.


They needed a few pages revamped (and made from scratch) - to show their expertise, why they are better, and while doing so - still remain client-centric with their copy.

Kotel's new (be our) Tenants Page:

Kotel Tenants page (2).png

In a few words, what makes this copy great is the fact that it talks to both the logical and emotional sides of the prospect. Agitating how bad having a crappy landlord can feel like, empathizing with the prospect, and entertaining stability and growth, backed with rational social proof.

I also helped Kotel with a commercial property listing. It was on the market for weeks, and 7 days after we posted the new listing, it was leased. Coincidence? I'll let you decide:

Kotel Commercial copy.png

Notice the client-centered (and unique) headline, with the benefit of existing client traffic, and how it makes them feel part of an exclusive pack of other great businesses around them. Also, the copy notes how great the clientele traffic in the area is, entertaining possible revenue opportunities and making it desirable.

Kotel's Testimonial:

"The entire process of working with Tom shows massive client care..."
"Tom had precise and strong insights into what we were lacking this whole time. Tom put our thoughts together until they are finely composed into words that deliver a clear message. He helped us understand the logic behind his work, giving insights, and entailing the psychology behind it.  He showed us the marketing strategy instilled within the copy.  
Tom definitely put detailed marketing thoughts behind his work, delivering us a copy that converts. He is transparent with his views while you remain in control.  His goal is to do what is good for you.  Tom doesn’t simply give you what you want, he gives you what you need.

The entire process of working with Tom shows massive client care.
As a marketing leader myself, I understand how client care is utterly important to create fandom, and that is why we’re no longer just clients but also a company who is fond of his work."
- Angel De Pano, Operations and Leasing Manager, Kotel Investments Inc.
Picture of Angel De Pano Kotel Investments Inc.

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