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A Professional Marketer & Copywriter on Your Side

"A 5 min debriefing was enough for him..."
"Tom has helped us through his writing abilities to target the right message to the right prospect. A 5 min debriefing was enough for him to get the major ideas and then re-translate them in the emails. He was able to quickly understand the content of the emails I wanted him to write for us. We were glad to have him around."
- David Taieb, Chief Executive Officer, BT IMMO GROUP & E-Valley
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You Make Money Dealing With Tangible Real Estate. I Help You Make More MoneyWith Abstract - Online Real Estate. 
You Make Money From Buildings, Land, and Physical Space. I Make You Money FromText, Rankings, and Online Space.

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This all sounds great, but what does it actually mean?

What is Copywriting anyway?

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Copywriting is essentially writing in a conversational tone, leading the reader (prospect) through empathy to have a bond with the (copy)writer, making the reader take a specific action.

The (copy)writer uses specific words and psychological methods to trigger emotional reactions from the readers (prospects) and makes them take immediate action. (buying, calling, subscribing, clicking, etc.)


Copywriting is the art and science of written persuasion.

Some call it closing in writing (sales).

While most companies sell the features of their products, very few sell their benefits - and how they'll make you FEEL. The problem it solves, and the feeling that comes with that solution.


Copywriting is a text written to one but published to millions.


The reader feels like you are conversing with him, explaining complex stuff to understand, filled with jargon, and make it simple & fun for him to understand.

Copywriters are needed and hired across a variety of industries.


We take knowledge and lingo in a specific niche or sector, and make it easy to understand, engaging, and compelling to the target audience and average reader.

This is what I do for businesses in the Real Estate Industry.

And this is how I can help you:

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Real Estate Copywriting Services

Real Estate Website Copy

Website Copy

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Sales Emails

(and Sequences)

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Social Media Copy (Ads)

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Space and Item Descriptions for Digital 3D & 360 Tours

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Blog Writing

(SEO Driven)

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Script Copy for Video Showings

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Residential Listings Copy

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Commercial Listings Copy

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(for your company or clients)

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Direct Mail, Postcards,


Flyers & Brochures

And More...

Which of These Do You Need Help With?



  • You'd like to stop your online/offline ads from being ignored and attract more potential buyers.

  • Your website is confusing, has no clear message, and many people landing on it tend to leave fast without checking out your products or materials.

  • You need to drive more traffic to your website with SEO optimized blog posts.

  • You require assistance with newsletters or emails to your existing audience, subscribers, or employees to retain engagement, your voice, culture, and brand identity.

  • You want Social Media exposure for brand building, networking, marketing, lead generation, and overall brand presence.

  • Your website suffers from neglect or your staff profiles are non-existent or in need of a serious refresh.

Effective real estate copy can propel your business to new heights.


The words you use in your marketing materials, on your web pages, and in your emails needs to match the desire of your target audience while maintaining your brand's core values and unique voice.


Each word must be chosen intentionally.


The right words will reassure your prospects that you're the right person to help them solve their real estate problems.

Let’s be honest – you're probably saying:

"What do I need him for, I can do it myself".


First, writing well does not equal copywriting well. It's a different type of writing.

But, let's say you're great at writing compelling persuasive copy...

Second, just because you can do something, doesn’t always mean you should.

Some agents are indeed capable of crafting the copy they require for residential listings, staff profiles, marketing materials, blog posts, newsletters, and more...


But - if you want to expand, scale, and generate money doing what you're good at, stick to it. Why stretch to areas that are not your forte?


  • Do you hire a Tax Advisor to do your taxes?

  • Do you hire a Lawyer for your closing contracts and documents?

  • Do you hire a Contractor when rehabbing a property?

  • Do you hire a Graphic Designer for your logo and/or website UX?

So why not hire a Copywriter for your Marketing?


Marketing will also increase revenue; unlike all other professionals mentioned above

Crafting copy that evokes emotion and urgency is an art form intertwined with science & psychology, and many agents are simply so busy selling and securing new leads that this part of their job gets neglected.


Investing in a professional Real Estate Copywriter frees you up to do what you do best (selling), while I concentrate on what I do best – offering enticing real estate copy that compels and converts.

Want to stand out from your competitors and stop your listings from languishing online?


Why Do You Need a Real Estate Copywriter?

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Let Me Help You Stand Out

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"The entire process of working with Tom shows massive client care..."
Tom had precise and strong insights into what we were lacking this whole time. Tom put our thoughts together until they are finely composed into words that deliver a clear message. He helped us understand the logic behind his work, giving insights, and entailing the psychology behind it.  He showed us the marketing strategy instilled within the copy.  
Tom definitely put detailed marketing thoughts behind his work, delivering us a copy that converts. He is transparent with his views while you remain in control.  His goal is to do what is good for you.  Tom doesn’t simply give you what you want, he gives you what you need.

The entire process of working with Tom shows massive client care.
As a marketing leader myself, I understand how client care is utterly important to create fandom, and that is why we’re no longer just clients but also a company who is fond of his work.
- Angel De Pano, Operations and Leasing Manager, Kotel Investments Inc.
Angel De Pano Kotel Investments

Why Hire Me?

You need Real Estate copy that will convert, from someone who knows what he's doing and what he's talking about.


Here's the reality of things...

  • In general, most copywriters aren't certified.

  • There aren't many copywriters specializing in real estate.

  • Even fewer real estate copywriters who actually invest in real estate themselves.

  • And even fewer copywriters who can grasp the concept of real estate and what it means to write captivating real estate sales copy.

  • Lastly, there aren't many copywriters who can dependably deliver effective, high-converting copy based on proven scientific methods who worked with big brands.

I pass all 5 of these "tests".

I am a certified Copywriter specializing in Real Estate. I understand the industry, market trends & lingo, and an investor myself -- making my first investment at 26 years old, and have worked with the biggest Logistics E-Park in Europe and investment firms like Kotel Inc.


What are you waiting for?