About Me

I get it, trust is hard to build, especially online.

I will do my best to try and dispatch your doubts.

I currently reside in Israel. I lived in 3 regions; the Middle East, Europe, and North America (USA), and traveled to more than 30 countries around the world. Among some of the places I lived in; Tel Aviv, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Paris. I am versed in different cultures and how they think, and I speak & write fluently in 2 languages.
At 23 I landed a job in sales, and after a week in, I knew I was a natural. I killed it doing sales for about 4 years, but even though it was commission-based pay, I knew I didn’t want to be an employee for much longer.
Due to this experience, I have developed the rare ability to be in the customer’s shoes at will. I  have a solution to the problem before the client says it.
I am a former special forces senior Sergeant sniper and sniper instructor.
At age 21, I commanded more than 200 soldiers. At age 22 I was part of a close protection security circle for a high-profile governmental target, the Israeli State Comptroller.
Due to these experiences,
I possess exceptional decision-making and leadership abilities, but I am also a team player with very high social abilities.
Therefore, I can lead projects for the client in the field. Also, I am obsessed with precision, just like sniping, almost to an OCD level.
I translate that precision into words written for the client. I never use two words when one will do. Thomas Jefferson said it better.
In the background, while doing the sales gig, I invested in Real Estate. I meticulously researched the market and was sharp enough to notice market trends where I lived. I felt a spike was coming, and I was right. Renting & Flipping. Profits were bound to happen.
Due to this experience, I have mastered market research, financial literacy, financial discipline, auctioning, negotiations, acquisitions, and disposal.
At that point, I wanted to take a break from work and invest in myself. I tried going to law school, and after one semester and completing Criminal Law, I decided to reroute. I knew the traditional college route wasn’t for me.
Instead, I took 2 Executive Education courses.
I am a graduate of Entrepreneurship & Business Development through Strategic Innovation from TAU, which provides me with unique insights and perspectives into how new businesses can grow and how stagnating businesses should innovate.
Additionally, I am a graduate of PON from Harvard Law School, which helps me better sell, and communicate both verbally and over text.
Lastly, I am a Certified Copywriter (with distinction😎) and possess a Diploma from Blackford England and a Level 4 Certificate by ABC Awards.
Not all copywriters are actually certified.
It was only natural based on my interest and experience to become a Real Estate Copywriter.
My investing methods have been featured in some of the biggest publications in the field, such as
-Real Trends
-REALTOR® Magazine
I've written for and consulted nine-figure-brands
like e-valley and Sundae.
What's unique about my approach to copywriting is my reliance on science, psychology, and human behavior & decision-making.
My persuasive copywriting techniques were featured in Wealth Magazine, and the biggest psychology publication in the world - Psychology Today.
Why Should You Work With Me?
While money is always a factor (and those who say otherwise lie bluntly), I am more interested in getting you the results you desire. Why? 
  • Your income, time and trust are on the line. I take pride in providing value, creating more inbound leads & higher turnovers for my clients. Credibility is extremely important to me.
  • I value relationships more than money. If we finished a project and I didn’t help you to reach your goal, it will result in me losing a future project, a referral, and severely damage my reputation and networking abilities, possibly even losing a friendship with you.
Unmatched Precision
For a bullet to traverse 1.6 KM and hit its mark, you have to take altitude, wind, humidity, temperature, distance, angular momentum, gravity, and the spin of the earth into effect. I bring that same precision into my writing for you, as my client. Combine that with my OCD nature, you get uncompromising, unparalleled dedication to details.
Growth Driven
It’s not progress if you can’t measure it. And I am addicted to progress and growth. I either win, or I learn. I bring this attitude into the relationship I have with my clients. I encourage testing and pivoting. Constantly.
Business Acumen
In my 7 years as an Entrepreneur, I have amassed a lot of experience and field-tested tools.
  • 3.5 Years of high-performance sales in the retail medical field making 6 figures.
  • Managing several successful Real Estate projects in the Las Vegas area from opportunity to exit - leading to a high return on investment ranging from 7%-10% yearly.
  • Social Media Marketing - Generating a reach of 1.5 Million relevant users creating consistent growth and revenue leading to a successful acquisition. (Instagram mainly).
Radical Honesty
While you are the client, and at the end of the day you have the final say, expect no rounded corners from me. When you bring me on board, you get my perspective, interpretation, and view on every topic we touch. I believe in full transparency for better communication which yields better results. It is OK to agree to disagree. But when working with me, you will always know where I stand, rather than having an individual nodding their head just to get paid.
I will reply via email to most concerns within 24 hours since you contacted me. Additionally, you are always in the loop. Updates about the project every 48-72 hours when needed.