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Covercy - Content For a Proptech Startup


My Role:

Content Strategist, Content Writer, SEO Wizard

Project goal:

Covercy's clients - this content is NOT for them. Wait, what?


It's for the people who use our clients’ services, and there's a strategic reason we were doing so. Mainly because of later stages we're working on--our stage three or stage four, which is going to be directly marketing to our clients' clients LPs (or Limited Partners) in the commercial real estate investment properties space. 


So, what's the voice? 


Well, the audience isn't very experienced. But they want to learn more. They're accredited investors. This means they are ultra-wealthy people who are used to be in the hands of family offices — which are different from traditional wealth management shops — as they offer a total outsourced solution to managing the financial and investment side of an affluent individual or family.


For example, many family offices offer budgeting, insurance, charitable giving, wealth transfer, and tax services. So, when I was writing, I kept that in mind, at all times. In short, the writing aimed to be Classy and sharp, but educational.

My cold email to Covercy CEO:

Covercy 1.png

His reply, and his Head of Marekting reply:

Covercy 2.png

They asked to see some of my writing. Challenge accepted:

Covercy 3.png

They were impressed, and were happy to pay for some of the same:

Covercy 4.png

I've done some SEO research, keywords and search intent research, and competition analysis. Then, I delivered 5 world-class pieces of content:

Covercy 7.png

To read the content, just click the next picture. All five pieces are done by me:

Covercy 6.png

A Real Estate Focused Copywriter on Your Side

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