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Turn Your Vision Into Precise Words


Real Estate Copywriter That Will


A Clear, Powerful, Persuasive Message

by tapping into the science and psychology of human behavior



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I'm a real estate copywriter. I help entrepreneurs & business owners in the real estate space sharpen their message, improve their voice, and increase their earnings - by precisely wording their vision, products, or services.
Your marketing focuses on your business - my copy focuses on your clients.

"He has all the right qualities you want in a creator who specializes in making your copy stand out from the crowd..."
"Tom is persistent, thoughtful, confident, quick-witted, and extremely personable. He has all the right qualities you want in a creator who specializes in making your copy stand out from the crowd. The way he considered the prospect's psychological triggers throughout our funnel was a breath of fresh air. Above all, Tom makes every interaction I have with him meaningful and memorable."
- Joey Campbell, prev Head of Content, Sundae, Director of Content, Nike
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What Do You Do?
Good copy(writing) is what connects entrepreneurs with their audience, businesses with their clients, and brands with their fans. It's how you articulate and communicate your message.

Let’s elaborate for a few minutes...
Over half a million years ago, we humans experienced a gene mutation, unique to us from all other mammals, called FoxP2. It's basically what made us have advanced learning capabilities. It's what made us able to create sounds and voices with our mouths and tongues. 
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Basically, it allowed us to communicate in times when we lived in caves, before language even existed.

Still with me? Let's continue
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Later on, some six thousand years ago, we developed the ability to speak a language (Tamil language). To communicate via sound using actual words. With better intention and precision, it became easier to say things.
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And then, around 4500 years ago, we have the first record of a written language. (Sumerian and then Egyptian). Since then, we humans, have been perfecting our ability to talk to one another, creating more languages, making vocabularies vaster.

Fast forward; industrial age; advertising; market place; internet, websites; globalization; smartphones; crypto, etc.
When advertising was born persuasive writing became a need.
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Convert more visitors into buyers
You're probably asking what all this has to do with you and your business... 

Well, the fact that we can all express our thoughts and needs with words, doesn’t necessarily mean that we all do it properly. Esepcially when selling our products/services. It's why I started this business and why I help people.
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I wanted to help solve a common problem many freelancers and businesses encounter on a daily basis. I've seen:

  • Tons of websites without a clear value propositon.

  • Amazing products fail because they focus on features, not benefits.

  • Many leaders who can't communicate their vision in leadership forums.

  • Numerous companies with poor messaging--unable to sell through emails.

  • Countless startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers with lackluster branding and voice.

You know those radio commercials that get stuck in your head? Or:

  • The email subject that made you curious?

  • The website that made you buy something?

  • The press release you understood effortlessly?

  • That billboard that made you feel a certain way?

  • The TV ad that made you want a certain product? 

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All those things involve copy(writing). If it's easy to understand, fun to read, makes you interested, and creates a desire to buy it—most likely a professional wrote it. If it’s boring, full of jargon, and difficult to read—then most likely someone tried to save money by asking their aunt to write it.
Nowadays, with the average attention span is in decline due to social media, and people being overwhelmed with spam email, it's crucial you be at the top of your game to convert leads, make sales, and succeed online.
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This is where I come in, and this is why you're here. It's my mission and goal to make your vision and message easy to understand, and your products or services more desired.
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You're already paying to keep your website up.
It's time to make more out of it.
"The reader is his top priority..."
"Tom writes about our solution with passion, as he learned firsthand how it feels letting a tenant lie their way into your property. His knowledge of real estate, PropTech, and VC shines through his writing, and while he writes with search intent in mind, the reader is his top priority. We love his work, and easily recommend him."

- Daniel Berlind, Former Chicago Cubs Player, CEO at Snappt
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The Process
How Does Working With Me Looks Like
I am an easy-going, down to earth guy who likes to keep things simple.
Here is a breakdown of the process:
1. Assessment & Fit
We begin by me quickly reviewing your website and/or provided materials. This is done to determine if we are a good fit for one another, so we both save precious time, money, and energy. I want to see if you could benefit from my services.
If we're a good fit, you'll receive a minimum project fee quote and the timeline for completion.

The lowest end of my services starts at 500 USD and can reach 15,000 USD. Most projects take between 14-21 days.   
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If we moved forward and decided to work together, I will ask you HARD questions regarding your competition, core values, business, audience, and goals. The answers you provide should be SOLID, as they will act as an anchor—and will set the tone for the rest of the project.
Then, I will put the time into researching your competition, analyzing your website and assessing your answers. At this stage, it's better we book a call for me to verify the validity of the information, and to pick your brain a little more.
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"The piece earned Tom praise..."
"Tom is an Adweek contributor with a pulse on culture and insight into the industry, and I had the pleasure of working with him on his incredibly insightful opinion piece breaking down strategies implemented by global brands that thrived during the pandemic.

The piece earned Tom praise from a member of the global brand’s leadership team, further validating his expertise in the space. His ability to identify and break down global brand strategies made for a well-written, concise, thought-provoking piece for our readers to enjoy."

- Luz Corona, Community Editor, Adweek
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2. UVP - The Core & Soul
This is the first step I take with each and every new client. The Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is the “embodiment” of your entire business. What is your business offering, who are you offering it to, and what makes it special (why are you better than your competition). This statement will manifest through my writing throughout the entire project.

I truly believe that the UVP is a statement of the sort that is very personal to the founder or CEO of a business. I can do it for you, without your help, but it'll be less efficient. Crafting the UVP together with you lets me capture the essence of your value as a business. A perfect statement. This is why this stage precedes all others.
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3. First Draft Stage
Once a perfect UVP was crafted (hopefully accomplished together), I will refer back to it and let it manifest into all the other copy I create for you and this project.  This is where the magic happens. I will submit the first draft for the project within the time limit agreed by both parties. Delivery dates are defined on a project-by-project basis, but my standard turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.
"Tom is going to be a game-changer..."
"Tom is a real gem. His ability to ask questions that get the best out of you is a skill that most interviewers and writers lack, but that Tom has absolutely mastered. He knows how to connect with you on a deep personal level and get to the person behind the public persona to deliver something that is beyond the normal. To me, that's epic, and why Tom is going to be a game-changer for how content is written. Anybody would be lucky to work with Tom."

- Robin Daniels, prev CMO, WeWork, CMO at Matterport
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4. Revisions & Satisfaction
My aim is for you to be utterly satisfied. After submitting the first draft, I offer revisions for a period of one week with up to three rounds of revision (one heavy, two light), excluding a sudden change of heart (you decided to completely deviate from the agreed-upon tone of the entire project).

When you choose to collaborate with me, my goal is to get you results. Getting paid matters, but I want you to enjoy the final product. Therefore, it's highly probable that you will hear resistance if I feel your approach or requests won’t result in the highest converting content/copy possible.

However, I'm never confused as to who plays what role. YOU are the client and YOU have the final say. I want to hit that sweet spot of creating copy which yields high conversions and gets you really excited about your website.
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"Tom's writing makes me think..."
"Tom’s writing makes me think, and in todays attention economy — that’s exactly what I look for when selecting writers worth reading."
- Devin Reed, prev Head of Content, Gong
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