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If you feel or relate to one of these below, you are at the right place:


  • If you don’t need a big project.
  • If you are a Startup / small business with a smaller budget.
  • If you are an Entrepreneur / Freelancer with a smaller budget.
  • If you just require an analysis of your current website or email structure and copy.
  • If you are very good at selling and communicating your idea(s) and product(s) verbally, but you can’t seem to nail it down in writing. 
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I will help you by writing copy - offering the types of services below:
Precise Analysis
  • Critique your existing web copy, and point out its issues to boost engagement and sales.
  • Review yours and your competitor’s websites and write a report comparing the approach.
  • Your prospects will compare value and prices prior to purchasing. I can help come on top of your competitors, and make sure that this comparison ends in your favor.
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"Tom quickly & efficiently corrected these issues and we soon saw an increase in sales..."
"My online business project was very slow at the start and I couldn’t understand why. I had a few conversations with Tom and he kindly agreed to review my site only to encounter various issues. Tom quickly & efficiently corrected these issues and we soon saw an increase in sales. Amazing  job! Thanks, Tom."
- Lee Garlick, Head of Marketing & Co-founder, Luxury Competitions UK
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