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If you feel or relate to one of these below, you are at the right place:
  • People get lost on your website, and the page structure is a mess.
  • Your homepage got cluttered over the years and has lost its identity.
  • You are an established business who would like to sharpen your message.
  • Your website has a high bounce rate, people land on it but don't purchase.
  • You are a small / medium brand or online store with a generic landing page.
  • You are a Startup with an amazing idea but you don’t know how to communicate it.
  • You are working on a brand-new website / need more pages for your existing website.
  • You have a website that is doing well, but you want to change or improve your message.
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I will help you by writing copy - offering the types of services below:
Website Precision
  • Map out your website structure, so it's clear and easy to navigate.
  • Write for you a creative landing page that will yield higher conversions.
  • Brainstorm with you and find the best way to explain and sell your ideas.
  • Create for you and your business an improved, clear, more precise message.
  • Rewrite existing weak copy or create new amazing website copy written from scratch.
  • Provide you with 1-3 variations of new copy for you to A/B test to see what works better.
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"He completely transformed all our key pages to make them look so clean and professional..."
"I reached out to Tom in hope he could review our site and help improve it. He was happy to help, and he completely transformed all our key pages to make them look so clean and professional. This was the edge we needed in order to give people the trust & confidence to purchase with us. I highly recommend his services for any business."
- Ryan Lee Ward, Co-owner & General Manager, Rockefeller's Jewllers
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