My Rates

According to AWAI (The American Writers & Artists Institute):


A Website/Sales/Landing page done by a copywriter will cost you around $5000 (USD) on average.

A landing page is more complex and expensive.


They also have a 2021 pricing guide you can download.

Please note that the prices below may change depending on the scope, deadline, and complexity of each project.

Website Copy

  • Website copywriting: $500-$1,000 per page, $500-$8,000 per website. Landing pages are more expensive.

  • Depends on how much research & added value I'll be including, such as customer interviews, data mining, wireframes, design collaboration, or project management.



  • Usually $1 per word. I have retainer clients for around $750 per 1,200 words. This includes my byline (credit for the work), author bio, my picture (if possible), and a link to my website. Topic complexity, SEO (keywords research), and competition research are big factors in the cost.

  • Ghostwritten projects have an added fee of 25%.


Email Copy

  • $150-$1000 per email

  • $500-$5,000 per sequence



  • $500-$2,000

  • First round: 8 choices.

  • Second Round: (after your input) 5 choices.

  • Third Round: Fine-tuning the final name from those 5.


Social Media Content

  • $75 per caption/post.

  • I only accept this type of work in packages.

  • Package of 10 or Package of 20.

  • Long-term retainers are available at lower prices.


Property Listings

  • $350-$3,500

  • Very much depends on the value of the property and the amount of info I get.


Ad Copy

  • $250-$750

  • The size of an ad doesn’t affect the price (a quarter-page requires the same work as a full-page).

  • I charge more if I’ll be developing a series of ads (i.e. campaign).


Video Scripts

*Explainer Video Scripts (1 - 5 minutes) $500-$1000

*Social Media Video Scripts (~60 seconds) $300-$450

*Branding/Marketing Video Scripts (~90 seconds) $500-$750

* If research is needed price will go up.

  • 60-minute strategy call

*Concept development: choice of 2 compelling concepts

*Powerful, absorbing script

*On-screen text guidance for maximum clarity & effect

*Voice-over guidance for flawless production


White Papers

  • $750-$6000

  • The white paper is an important sales tool for multi-million dollar B2B businesses because it makes a case for the necessity of their product. Price varies significantly depending on topic, industry, and subject complexity.


Brochure Copy

  • $500-$1500 (includes strategy, design collab, and copy).

  • Trifold brochures require skill because we're limited in space
    and we need to choose the messaging very carefully.


Product Descriptions

  • $75-$200 (Depends on how much research + SEO optimization is involved).


Strategy Consults

  • 60-minute video session to discuss marketing challenges and offer guidance/road-mapping. Usually with guided questions filled out in advance or in collaboration live.

  • $300 for 60m. Includes audio transcript of the call.


Business or Product Naming

  • $500-$5,000

  • First round: 8 choices.

  • Second Round: (after your input) 5 choices.

  • Third Round: Fine-tuning the final name from those 5.

Press Releases / Fundraising Letters

  • $500-$750 for 300-400 words & 30-60 minutes call.


Copy Analysis (email, website)

  • $300 for a video review (4 pages). Includes text transcript. I will point out problems and give general direction as to what and how to improve.

  • $750 for a video review (4 pages). Includes a full detailed analysis submitted as a document as to how to solve existing issues and why.