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My Role:

Lead Website Copywriter​

Project goal:

Protect ISS is a pioneering company with many services, and worked with some of the biggest brands and institutes in the world, like BBC, the History Channel, Al Jazeera, West Point Academy, and the US SWAT & Vegas HRT teams.


One of their new online products was revolutionary. It applied to a very specific market share. Physical Instructors, like martial arts, yoga, boxing, and personal security.


Instead of going through a course/degree in the traditional sense, people could send videos of their performance and be judged by professionals in their respective fields. Pass or Fail.


It saves time, money, and is completely online, at the student's pace. Best of all; it was acknowledged and accredited by the department of education in the state of Maine.

Protect's new sales page:

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Using empathy as my leading psychological trigger, I wrote copy appealing to people who know they have a problem, while still educating those who aren’t sure.


Then I agitated the problem (the lack of time or money) using specific words, and empathized with their frustration -- telling them the company understands the problem and provides them with a solution; showing them how it would feel like; and how their future can look after using their services.


Finally, I urged them to take action - all backed by social proof. A path from their current hell, to their desired heaven.

In 62 days, sales were up 711%.


Protect's Testimonial:

"Tom has managed to use the precise combination of words to explain my vision so perfectly clear to understand..."
"Tom has managed to use the precise combination of words for my UVP to explain my vision so perfectly clear to understand. 
Truly an amazing job and well done. His work matches his slogan, "precision in words". Thank you, Tom."
- Dr. Itay Gil Ph.D., CEO & Founder, Protect Israeli Security Solutions
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