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My Role:

Funnel & Lead Flow Copy Consultant

Project goal:

Sundae's messaging was not optimal, and the funnel was a little misleading, causing lower CTR.

I wanted to reach out and help.

Here is a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of how an expert copywriter thinks, and how even a Forbes featured startup who raised $60m VC money and made $100m yearly revenue can improve their website copy.


I approached Josh Stech, CEO of Sundae, a real estate startup that buys homes as-is, and gives the seller a $10k cash advance while ridding them of closing fees and headaches.


Here's the email correspondence from day one, including notes I made for my call and the response I got from Joey Campbell, their head of content, who previously did marketing for Mercedes-Benz, Intel, AT&T, and UPS.


You can see a lot in this email, like subject & cold emails that actually work, but let’s focus on the copywriting techniques.

My cold email to Sundae CEO:

Sundae Cold Email.png

Head of Content for Sundae reply:

Joey Sunday.png

My notes for the call with Joey (my view & strategy for fixing the funnel):

Website Copy Explanation.png

Joey's response after our call (some parts were omitted due to an NDA):

Joey Response Edited.png

Sundae listened and fixed their UVP (old UVP said "Need love? sell fast"):

Sundae Fixed UVP.png

Additionally, I wrote a timely, targeted, customer-oriented, and SEO optimized Blog article for the Sundae Investor Blog

Joey's Testimonial:

"He has all the right qualities you want in a creator who specializes in making your copy stand out from the crowd..."
"Tom is persistent, thoughtful, confident, quick-witted, and extremely personable. He has all the right qualities you want in a creator who specializes in making your copy stand out from the crowd. 
The way he considered the prospect's psychological triggers throughout our funnel was a breath of fresh air. Above all, Tom makes every interaction I have with him meaningful and memorable."
- Joey Campbell, Award Winning Marketer, Head of Content, Sundae.
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